The Best Dispensaries in Seattle (2023)

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If you’re shopping for cannabis in Emerald City, you’re in luck. You can find the best dispensaries in Seattle, Washington, and it doesn’t matter what area of the city you visit.

Excellent weed shops dot the map in a rippled fashion from Central Seattle all the way out to Lake Forest Park in the north and SeaTac Airport in the south. So, how would you ever find the best Seattle dispensary with so many choices?

You know we’ve got you at Mr. Greens. Check out this list of the best dispensaries in Seattle by region.

Best Dispensary in Seattle (North Seattle)

Mr. Greens Cannabis on Bothell Way Northeast

Type: Recreational Dispensary

When you want the best dispensary in Seattle, few can compare to Mr. Greens in the north. Mr. Greens was created by a team of enthusiastic cannabis aficionados that have a passion for enhancing the lives of the people they meet. The Mr. Greens recreational dispensary is known to provide the best products in town, including:

Fine Cannabis and Exceptional Customer Service

Mr. Greens is often referred to as North Seattle’s finest cannabis dispensary. We wear this reference with pride, but that reputation truly comes down to our commitment to our customers. When you shop a Mr. Greens, you can rest assured every item we offer has been carefully vetted for quality. And, we make sure you feel confident about your purchase before you leave. Whether you’re all new to cannabis or you’ve been appreciating cannabis for decades, you’ll always get a warm welcome with us.

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Best Dispensaries in Seattle (Wallingford/University District)

OZ. Cannabis on Stone Way North

Type: Recreational Dispensary

Opened in 2015, OZ. Cannabis is a favorite spot for fine cannabis just south of the University District in Seattle. OZ. is owned by a local family and stays true to its roots by partnering with smaller cannabis cultivators and manufacturers in the area. This dispensary is a favorite for its laid-back, welcoming atmosphere, collection of locally sourced products, and good prices. However, OZ. is also highly favored for making it easy for even newcomers to understand the cannabis they’re exploring with friendly staff to help.

Best Marijuana Dispensary in Seattle (West Seattle/Genesee)

Origin’s Cannabis West Seattle Marijuana Dispensary on 40th Avenue

Type: Recreational

Planted in the West Seattle junction, Origins Cannabis is one of the few dispensaries in the area but is also considered one of the best dispensaries in Seattle. Origins serves recreational customers with flower, concentrates, edibles, weed drinks, and more, and they keep their prices relatively low. Each product from Origins Cannabis undergoes a quality test before landing on the dispensary menu.

Best Dispensaries in Seattle (Ballard/Crown Hill Area)

Have a Heart on Blanchard Street

Type: Recreational Dispensary

Located conveniently near the Pike Place Market, Have a Heart is one of the top-rated, most-frequented dispensaries in the Ballard/Crown Hill area of Seattle. With one of the best selections of cannabis in the area, Have a Heart takes pride in pulling together the best cannabis Washington State has to offer of every type. Customers have a lot of good things to say about this dispensary, particularly when it comes to superior customer service and prices.

American Mary on 17th Avenue in Ballard

Type: Recreational and Medical Dispensary

American Mary is one of the top-rated dispensaries in Seattle. With a massive selection of Washington-grown flower, pre-rolls from the top brands, and more, finding what you want is easy at this dispensary. American Mary is known in the area for offering a warm, welcoming environment where anyone—newbies and aficionados alike—can feel comfortable.

Best Dispensaries in Seattle (Central Seattle)

Zips Cannabis on 4th Avenue

Type: Recreational and Medical Dispensary

If you want to find the best cannabis products and have an awesome shopping experience, Zips is hands-down one of the best in Central Seattle. This dispensary is passionate about all things weed-related, and their passion shows in their menu, their support for only the top brands in the state, and how they treat customers. Zips offers deals every day—deals that are said to be some of the best in the state.

The Reef Cannabis Dispensary on East Olive Way

Type: Recreational

The Reef is known around Seattle as more than a plain-jane pot shop with the same ordinary brands and experience. This Central Seattle dispensary is known for its carefully curated collection of cannabis. The menu is brimming with only the highest-rated cannabis flower and cannabis products in the state. The 2500-square-foot interior gives you ample room to explore on your own, but budtenders are always on standby to help you track down exactly what you need.

Best Dispensary Near Seattle Airport (SeaTac)

Kings Recreational Cannabis on Martin Luther King Jr. Way

Type: Recreational Dispensary

If you’ll be landing at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, some of the best dispensaries in Seattle are only a short drive away. One of the best is located in the Bryn Mawr Skyway area: Kings Recreational Cannabis. Kings was once voted the best dispensary in Skyway for its premium selection of cannabis buds, pre-rolls, and concentrates. However, this cannabis store is also prized by locals for its commitment to keeping prices as low as possible.

Visit the Best Recreational Dispensary in Seattle: Mr. Greens

Will you be in the northern Seattle area? If so, make sure to make your way to Mr. Greens in Lake Forest Park. We’ll be happy to make sure you walk away with the finest weed in the state, a new appreciation for cannabis, and a smile. Be sure to explore our menu online before you arrive to get the lowdown on popular picks and order ahead for quick pick-up if you prefer.

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