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Mr. Greens Cannabis is a recreational cannabis dispensary near Bothell WA, located only 13 min (5.3 mi) Southwest of Bothell via Bothell Way NE. We proudly serve recreational cannabis customers from Bothell WA and beyond. Get directions.

Bothell WA (Adult-Use) Marijuana Dispensary Customers

Why Visit Our Closest Dispensary?

We at Mr. Greens believe in the power of cannabis to improve the lives of our customers. We support that mission with a team of passionate and dedicated people who work in our dispensary. Our goal is to offer the very best for our customers who are shopping for cannabis flower, pre-rolls, edibles, topicals, concentrates, tinctures, beverages and CBD products. More than just a retail dispensary, we want to educate and empower our customers to select the best cannabis products that will help them enhance their health and wellness.


Staff is always really friendly and great at giving recommendations- I often have a difficult time deciding on everything and anything. They don’t rush you or judge your questions (which is a big plus to me). ATM is available, they also have a reward/point system. I always enjoy the variety and have never walked out dissatisfied. Staff keeps a steady flow and have a good number of registers.

Jade Duke Review via Google

The employees here are always really chill, super nice, the shop is always super clean, both in terms of cleanliness and overall feel of the place. Can't recommend enough.

Itta DaPeeza Review via Google

Brian gave me the BEST recommendations and had such a friendly attitude. 5 star service, 5 star selections. Well done Mr. Greens.

Diane Walter Review via Google

Bothell's Top Choice Dispensary

Visiting from Bothell? Things to Know

Looking for the Best Dispensary Near Bothell WA?

With so many dispensaries in the greater Seattle area, residents of Bothell have multiple options. However, when it comes to quality, service, and selection, Mr. Greens scores high marks in all three categories. Our staff members are here to help you, whether you’re a cannabis enthusiast or have never tried marijuana before. We are conveniently located only about five miles west of Bothell, just across Lake Washington. Get directions here.

Is Weed Legal in Bothell?

Yes, cannabis has been legal for recreational use in Washington since 2012. All cannabis sales are highly regulated, though, and individuals can only purchase marijuana products from licensed dispensaries.

FAQs About Shopping at Our Bothell WA Dispensary

How much weed can I buy at once?

The law states that individuals 21 and over can purchase up to one ounce of usable cannabis (i.e., flower), 16 ounces of cannabis-infused edibles, and 72 ounces of cannabis liquids. You can also buy up to seven grams of concentrates. If you’re unsure how much that translates to, our team can help.

What if I’m visiting from another state?

Anyone 21 and older can buy cannabis from a licensed dispensary. All you need is a valid state-issued ID, and you’re good to go. That said, it’s illegal to transport weed across state lines.

Do you have more than one dispensary I can visit?

No, we just have one dispensary in Lake Forest, WA, at the moment. However, you are free to visit multiple dispensaries within a single 24-hour period, provided you stick within the legal limits.

Other Reasons to Visit Mr. Greens Near Bothell, WA

Although we’re close to Bothell, there are numerous attractions and amenities close to our dispensary. So, we invite you to spend some time on our side of the lake by visiting hotspots like:

  • Briley’s BBQ Grill – If you’re a fan of slow-roasted meat covered in delicious barbecue sauce, you need to make a pilgrimage to Briley’s. This spot is well-known for having some of the best pulled pork and brisket in Seattle. You’ll get your hands messy, but it’s worth the cleanup.
  • Botteco Brazil – Brazilian barbecue is a completely different experience than southern BBQ, but it’s just as delicious and memorable. Botteco is a refined and elegant place where you can sample some of the best meats in town. This is an ideal spot for date night, anniversaries, or any special occasion.

Getting Here From Bothell

Fortunately, Mr. Greens is conveniently located on Bothell Way, so getting here is a snap. All you have to do is get onto Woodinville Dr heading west. This street turns into Bothell Way, so just follow it for about five miles. We are located next to Acacia Memorial Park and Funeral Home on the right side of the street.

Weed Dispensary Near Me?

Searching for top quality cannabis and a dispensary you can trust near Bothell WA? Stop by Mr. Greens today!

15029 Bothell Way NE, Lake Forest Park, WA 98155

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