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Captain Yeti

Captain Yeti is a cannabis brand that specializes in selling flowers and pre-rolls. This brand is relatively new to the industry in Washington state, but it’s already making the rounds and becoming popular with customers. The company doesn’t have a live website yet, but you can sign up to get updates about the brand here.

Captain Yeti & the Technicolor Renegades

Captain Yeti:

Product Line

At the moment, Captain Yeti weed comes in two varieties: flowers and pre-rolls. Here’s a breakdown of the types of products you can find at Mr. Greens and other dispensaries in the area.


Captain Yeti mostly focuses on hybrid strains, although the company also makes Indica and Sativa-dominant varieties. Some of the more popular flowers available from this brand include Blueberry Pancakes, Rainbow Zkittlez, Alien Outlaw, and Bermuda Ghost OG.

Captain Yeti also works with local growers to ensure quality and variety. As the brand grows and thrives in Washington state, it will likely start selling more proprietary flowers with varying potencies.


Most of Captain Yeti’s products are pre-rolls, so you have far more options to smoke than you do by purchasing straight flowers. Many of these pre-rolled joints are also infused with concentrates or hash for a smoother and more complex high. These days, pre-rolls are far better than they were in the past, and many customers prefer having pre-rolled joints for convenience and discretion.

Captain Yeti Weed Review

As a new company, there aren’t many reviews of the brand or its products yet. However, it’s clear that Captain Yeti strives to be a purveyor of high-quality, locally sourced cannabis. The owner, Kelly Arms, works with her team to grow and distribute plants within Washington and beyond.

So far, the limited reviews we could find suggest that this weed is on par with other high-end brands out there. While Captain Yeti isn’t necessarily cheap, it does deliver a fantastic head high, depending on the strain you get. As with all hybrids, you’ll get a mix of relaxation and creative energy, although the specific effects differ from person to person.

Where to Buy Captain Yeti Edibles in Seattle, WA

Come See Us!

Captain Yeti is not widely available across Washington state yet, but more and more dispensaries are starting to carry it. The company also offers clothing and other accessories (i.e., lighters), so you can buy more than just pre-rolls and flowers if you like.

Buy Captain Yeti and Similar Weed Brands at Mr. Greens

Mr. Greens is located north of Seattle, next to Lake Washington. We have a wide assortment of Captain Yeti products to satisfy your needs. We also have one of the largest cannabis collections in the Pacific Northwest. So, if you like Captain Yeti weed and want to try similar strains, we can help. Our staff members are friendly and accommodating to both newbies and experienced smokers.

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