The 6 Best Vape Carts and Vape Pens in Seattle, Washington (2023)

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While most cannabis enthusiasts like to smoke their preferred buds, vaping has become far more mainstream. Not only can vaping deliver a smoother toke but the flavors and blends are often more enticing than those offered by a regular joint or bong rip.

Fortunately for Washington residents, there are tons of high-quality vape carts in Seattle, with many of them offering high THC levels and delicious tastes and aromas. But which ones are the best?

While listing the “best vape pens in Seattle” is entirely subjective, we’ve compiled a list of six top options for your convenience.


The 6 Best Cannabis Vapes in Seattle

Unicorn Glitter Live Resin Cart From Avitas

Don’t let anyone take away your sparkle with this bubbly and sweet vape cart from Avitas. Avitas offers some of the best vapes in Seattle, and you can feel good about buying these products because the brand donates to local causes and charities.

This particular vape cartridge is perfect for when you just need a little pick-me-up. Unicorn Glitter is a hybrid with a THC concentration of 66.79 percent. The blend of Sativa and Indica helps you feel calm yet energized, as well as happy and relaxed. A great addition to festivals or any other situation where you want to feel your best.

Ice Cream Cake Cartridge From Better

With a name like Ice Cream Cake, how can you resist this delicious vape cart? As an Indica strain, you’ll feel super chill and relaxed after taking a hit, particularly because the THC concentration is a whopping 84.64 percent.

The name comes from the fact that this cart has a delightfully sweet aroma that makes you feel like you’re at the ice cream shop, ready to chow down on some delicious treats. Overall, this cartridge packs a punch, so don’t take too much at once unless you’re really experienced with cannabis.

Green Crack Distillate Cartridge From Crystal Clear

Although the name may imply that this cartridge is super intense, it’s actually much mellower than you might expect. That said, you’re getting a hit of practically pure Sativa, so you’ll feel energized and focused from the moment you inhale.

Green Crack is one of the best vape carts in Washington because it’s useful for a wide variety of applications. While we can’t recommend you take it for work, it will give you a creative and inspired boost to do whatever you need to do. This cart is great for creative personalities, or just when you need a pick-me-up that doesn’t involve caffeine.

Jet Fuel Distillate Cart From MFused

MFused is one of the top vape cart brands we’ve seen. Jet Fuel is another Sativa strain, so you’ll get a boost of energy that will make you feel happy and creative. It also has an incredible THC percentage of 88 percent, which is one of the highest we’ve seen.

Double Lemon Walker From Seattle’s Private Reserve

As you discover the best cannabis vapes in Washington, you’ll notice whether you have a preference for a traditional distillate or a live resin option. Live resin hasn’t been dried or cured, so it’s much more potent and offers a smoother high experience overall. Some vape users swear by live resin, while others don’t notice much of a difference.

This cartridge from Seattle’s Private Reserve has a unique citrus smell and taste, and it’s a hybrid, so you’ll feel relaxed, happy, and calm. This particular product has a relatively low THC concentration of 60 percent, so it won’t hit you as hard and fast as others we’ve seen. However, vaping is its own experience, so you can enjoy that more than you would with a more potent cartridge.

Bubble Gum HTE Vape Pen From Sticky Frog

Finally, we have an all-in-one vape pen and cartridge from Sticky Frog. As the name implies, this cart has a sweet and somewhat floral aroma that makes you feel like you’re enjoying a summer day, even if it’s raining.

This cartridge has one of the highest THC concentrations ever at 90 percent, so smoke it with caution. It’s also a hybrid mixture, so you’ll feel relaxed and happy more than anything else. A few hits will do, so make sure you’re well-versed in vape culture before sampling this product.

Get the Best Cannabis Vapes in Washington at Mr. Greens Cannabis

If you’re looking to buy the best vapes in Washington, come on down to Mr. Greens! We have all of these options and many more for your convenience. Our staff members can make recommendations based on your experience level and preferences, so you’re sure to leave with something you’ll love. Stop by today!


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